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Our engineering experts provide extensive offerings including field routing/OSP walk out, network design, joint use management & make ready, permitting, environmental, GIS, as well as additional digital field services such as natural disaster recovery that ensure we can meet the specific needs of each of our client projects each and every time.

CCI Systems Expert Engineering Team

Our expert engineering teams:

  • Excel in a wide variety of communication solution software
  • Create, refine, & finalize design layouts to support complex network architecture
  • Provide accurate mapping services to support the unique needs of each of our clients
  • Are appropriately resourced to ensure optimal success
  • Represent a wide range of skills & expertise to manage large-scale projects
  • Versatile and customized solutions that deliver consistent results

With CCI Systems as your engineering partner, you can plan with confidence, knowing you have the support of an experienced, knowledgeable, and innovative team ready to take your project to the next level and drive your business forward.

“Your goals are more than just a project. To our engineers, they are an opportunity to help build more connected, stronger communities and businesses. We’re ready to help you make an impact.”
CCI System SVP Engineering Mike Springer
Mike Springer
SVP Engineering

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Field Routing/OSP Walk Out

Our dedicated field teams excel at setting a strong foundation for each engineering project we take on. Our detailed, accurate on-site assessments and strategic planning related to Outside Plant (OSP) infrastructure, ensures efficient routing and deployment for any project. With continuous training, state-of-the-art equipment, and cross-industry experience, our field teams:

  • Provide intended route and service area with addresses, for client to review and approve prior to Engineering design work.
  • Drive out route and determine best option(s) for design as well as potential obstacles.
  • Determine ideal side of road and any potential alternatives from the high-level routing.
  • Identify and note locations of visible existing utilities.
  • Verify addresses for design and database use.
CCI Employee Surveying on Street
CCI Network Design Team Working at Computer

Detailed Network Design

Our team of network experts actively engage in designing state-of-the-art networks, including the layout, architecture, and specifications needed for effective and robust connectivity. If you are looking for a Design, Build, or Design to Build, CCI can provide it. Our staff can design any fiber optic project to your satisfaction and according to your specifications, including:

  • Active Ethernet
  • PON
  • GPON
  • XG-PON
  • Hybrid Fiber-Coaxial (HFC)
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Joint Use Management &
Make Ready Services

Our teams actively work to efficiently manage shared infrastructure and prepare existing structures or locations for new or upgraded installations to ensure compatibility and compliance. We provide joint use management and make-ready engineering services to communication and power companies across the country. Our NESC code knowledge and proficiency in pole structure analysis and mid-span loading allows us to efficiently coordinate all communication efforts between the utility pole owners and the existing power and communication attachers.

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CCI Worker In Joint Use Management
CCI System Worker In Permitting


CCI System’s team of experienced designers and permit coordinators are well-versed in handling the necessary permits and approvals required for construction and implementation for aerial and underground applications including:

Permit Green Checkmark Permit application

Permit Submission Green Checkmark Permit submission

Coordination Green Checkmark Coordination

Our teams efficiently and accurately prepare and submit all necessary permits and identify the required local permitting authorities, including:

  • DOT
  • County government
  • Municipal government
  • Railroad
  • DNR
  • Tribal authorities
  • ACOE

Upon submission of the permits, our team records and tracks all correspondence necessary to obtain the permits. Additionally, CCI provides professional services and solutions for private easements.

Environmental Studies & Services

To ensure all our client projects comply with environmental regulations and sustainability standards, our teams review and plan around environmental considerations. We provide a full spectrum of environmental and professional services to our clients in the water/wastewater industries, telecommunications and power delivery markets, and municipal and private clients.

We take a streamlined approach in identifying environmental conflicts early in project planning, working with project developers to:

  • Create cost effective solutions
  • Minimize risks
  • Reduce construction lead time
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Environmental Studies & Services
CCI Worker GIS & Mapping

GIS & Mapping

Our expert field service teams incorporate a variety of digital tools for data collection and mapping related to the installation, maintenance, and optimization of broadband equipment in both new build and as-built fielding capabilities. The services we provide range from Map Book Creation to Workflow Planning, Data Management to Data Collection, and Data Conversion to Asset Inventories.

GIS Services Include:
  • Workflow Planning
  • Data Collection Solutions
  • New GIS Services
  • Asset Inventories
  • Map Book Creation
  • Troubleshooting & Maintenance
  • Solutions for Shared Data
  • Data Management
  • CAD to GIS Conversion
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Digital Field Services

Our GIS experts use ESRI products for field data collection with submeter GPS location accuracy. Field data is stored on ArcGIS Online allowing customers to monitor field activities in real time. Our GIS team obtains data utilizing the latest aerial photography, right-of-way data, and parcel and address data, along with custom GIS data desired by our customers. We provide field data deliverables to internal and external teams directly in the design software. The digital field data creates significant efficiency in the design process speeding up the overall process with a higher degree of accuracy.

We also offer GIS Consulting:

  • GIS Custom Spatial Analysis Workflows
  • Spatial problem solving
  • Data migration/integration
  • Data Acquisition – Drone, Vehicle, UAS, LiDAR, Photogrammetry
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CCI Systems Worker In Digital Field Services
CCI Helping With Natural Disaster and Recovery

Natural Disaster Recovery

CCI provides field data acquisition to determine broadband infrastructure disrupted or damaged by natural disasters. Data acquisition teams can be deployed quickly anywhere around the country to assess the damaged infrastructure. Real time tracking via ArcGIS Online allows progress tracking in the field. The final product will be delivered as a geodatabase or other custom format to suit your organizational needs.

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“CCI brings knowledge, first-hand experience, and cutting-edge technology to your team when disaster strikes.”
Jim Chartre
Jim Chartre
Sr. Director of Engineering Technology

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Single-Source Solutions by Industry

Single-Source Solutions by Industry

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Consulting & Due Diligence

Consulting & Due Diligence

Get ahead of your project with our expert consulting and due diligence services. Identify areas of opportunity and potential pain points with our comprehensive project analysis.

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Grant Funding Support

Grant Funding Support

 Get expert guidance and support on the grant writing & submittal process for many federal and state-funded grant programs like BEAD, ROBIN, and RDOF to help improve your unserved and underserved areas.

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Construction Management

Construction Management

Break ground on your project and stay on track with our skilled construction services. With expertise in aerial, buried, and underground construction, we strive for a safe and effective construction, every time.

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Technical & Field

Technical & Field

From fiber splicing, testing, and audits to system sweeps, upgrades, and activation, our technical services teams can help optimize your infrastructure to meet new communication and data demands.

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Network Sustainability

Network Sustainability

Maintain the efficiency, integrity, and security of your network with our post-construction sustainability solutions.  We’ll help you make the most of your network.

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