CCI Systems is proud to honor our April 2024 Culture Champion, Jeremy DeLaet!

Let’s give Jeremy a hearty congratulations for exemplifying the value of “Passion” and the habit of “Aspire to Insipre”.

“Let me start off by stating that I have had a number of different supervisors over my 22 year CATV career. Jeremy rates WAY up there as far as professionalism, friendliness, and true compassion for the job. He is extremely responsive to chats about jobs and willing to jump on Teams to help out when needed. Jeremy does not hesitate to answer questions, I have even called him from the field when I could not locate a fiber vault (limited cell service) and he looked on the maps/Google Earth and guided me right to it using landmarks that I could see form the field. I frequently bounce design ideas off of him for a second opinion and he share the same “do what is best for the customer” approach that I do. He is an absolute pleasure to work for.”

Jeremy’s submission was sent by Joseph Suelter for exemplifying the value of “Passion” and the habit of “Aspire to Inspire”.

A photo of Jeremy DeLaet

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