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Addressing engineering and staffing challenges for service providers.

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Benefits of Staff Augmentation Services

Staff Assist provides access to an entire team of engineers. If the engineer assigned to your network doesn’t have the solution, another engineer will.

Leveraging the expanded skills of customer solutions engineers and architects with diverse technical backgrounds brings decades of experience, expertise, and troubleshooting tactics into a consolidated knowledge base. Every tool set and process is tested for uninterrupted implementation and trusted escalation procedures.

This service will make your team more productive at the start of the engagement, relieve stress on management and recruiting who are facing staffing challenges, and let your company focus on making money, not endless cycles of hiring. Getting started on a project now will give you a better return on your investment (ROI) later.

One unseen benefit of utilizing staff assistance on your team is the availability of a mentor who will help teach your engineers. This allows an opportunity for on-the-job learning without putting more resources into team training. 

As you know, hiring a new candidate comes with an itemized list of overhead, including health insurance, retirement packages, vacation and sick time, overtime pay, and costs associated with development and training.

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Staff Assistance and Augmentation

How to Handle Engineering Staffing Problems Without Hiring

Finding network engineers who are well-trained, qualified, and fit your company culture can be an uphill battle. When the size of your team does not track with the rapid growth of your network, stress will begin to set in as the workload becomes unmanageable.

Lack of expertise can be especially true for rural operators who cannot hire someone off the street to run their network. By moving forward with a new hire who may not meet all the criteria or qualifications of a veteran technician, the cost of training a new employee can make a salary of $80,000 annually become $100,000 overnight.

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