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What Is PNM Expert?

Are you using one of the various Proactive Network Maintenance (PNM) packages for helping you troubleshoot your HFC plant? Many operators are, but sometimes feel that they don’t have the time and training they can dedicate to becoming proficient with the technology.

CCI Systems has been helping operators across the entire US with their HFC plants for over 60 years. Along with that, we own some of our networks. So, we know a thing or two about plant maintenance, and it can sometimes be a struggle. CCI Systems is also a member of the CableLabs PNM working group. We pair that in-depth working knowledge of the PNM standard with our engineers, who each have decades of plant maintenance, sweep, and certification experience, and you have a team that can help you use all of your tools to become more efficient. So CCI Systems created our affordable PNM-Expert service.

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Why Is It Important?

Almost everything and everyone relies on some internet connection in the modern world, either wired or wireless. Making sure that those connections are running smoothly is paramount. The PNM software you’ve grown used to is a great starting point to determine exactly where your HFC network needs work, but understanding how to interpret the data PNM is returning to you and using that data to create plans for the future needs nothing less than an expert.

What Problem Are We Solving?

Multiple vendors have created and deployed great products from the CableLabs standard. However, many operators struggle to make the best use due to a lack of time, training, and resources. When technicians don’t feel comfortable with the application, they get frustrated and retreat to the old way of doing things and abandon the technology, thus losing the potential efficiency boost from using PNM.

Our PNM-Expert program helps to reduce troubleshooting costs by cutting down truck rolls etc. It also helps to standardize the data that PNM collects and supports automation concerning remote problem-solving. This service also provides expert guidance to your team to make the data you receive actionably rather than just the “zeros and ones” that it might seem like. But most importantly, it helps support your network as you solidify the public’s trust in the reliability of your services.

“Like any tool, PNM can be used by many people, from the novice to the expert. The analogy that I use is that PNM is much like a toolbox full of automotive tools. I can change my oil, do some basic maintenance on my vehicle, and still run (if I am lucky). That same toolbox in the hand of a certified mechanic, well, they can replace every part. This includes everything from the engine down to the brakes, belts, and bolts. They also can diagnose the problems a lot easier than I can, usually by using smart tools that assist them in their efforts, while still relying on their expertise and experience to make the right decision.”

Unpacking the PNM Toolbox.


The Details Of Proactive Network Maintenance (PNM) Expert.



During the Discovery phase, we gather the relevant business, operations, and technical data through activities such as interviews, surveys, and workshops. We review both your cable network architecture and operational policies. We also review your current operation process flows to understand how to maximize the PNM tool’s impact within your operations.



Our experts will help you review and analyze the data we collected to create a baseline of existing system metrics. Based on these findings, we will perform ongoing data collection to identify, categorize and correlate findings as input for quarterly assessments for review with the customer. We will then connect PNM data associated with specific HFC plant problems/impairments. Following data correlation, we list the identified problems in the order of priority and estimating potential impact..



We will conduct quarterly assessments with the customer to analyze data collected by the portal, discuss recommendations for improvements to operational processes and procedures, and compare analysis results against the defined KPIs. CCI Systems will then provide the customer with a Quarterly Operational Assessment Report(s) outlining the information discussed during the assessment.

Three Packages To Meet Your Needs.

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