CCI Systems Readiness Assessment.

Is your Network Ready for SD-WAN?

Considering SD-WAN is one thing – it is another to be completely prepared for SD-WAN!

Our SD-WAN Readiness Assessment is built on the foundation of our core purpose, industry experience, and real-world migrations to enable your business to transform into a dynamic network that allows the adoption of SD-WAN. 

This consultative approach not only saves time and money but ensures a high valued technical solution to the business. Risk is high without the readiness assessment and CCI wants to ensure your business is prepared for SD-WAN success! 

Step 1 - Capture business and technical outcomes.

SD-WAN can be a valuable tool for your company. We work to understand where your business is headed. Cloud enablement, improve security, closing the skills gap, network agility and visibility.

Step 2 - Review the technology environment and logical architecture.

However, migrations and implementations are often more complicated than one would think. Successful migrations require a strong understanding of your current network design and how the applications flow.

Step 3 - Schedule key interviews.

We focus to understand all the preexisitng conditions that could potentially impact the success of migrating to SD-WAN.

Step 4 - Collaborate with vendors, data providers, and future ecosystems.

We evaluate and find the right solution and data providers that map back to the business and technical requirements that enable the full potential of SD-WAN.

Step 5 - Workshops with stakeholders.

These collaborative sessions between key teams help with the success of the businesses due diligence and understanding of your current and future strategy.

Step 6 - Gap analysis to recommend any technology changes.

This critical step compares the current network design with what is required for SD-WAN and outlines the necessary steps to meet the requirements.

Step 7 - Establish a timeline.

Establish a timeline to prioritize and execute the required items in the gap analysis.

Step 8 - Architecture is ready for SD-WAN!

Your network is now ready to start testing SD-WAN!

Roadmap for SD-WAN Success.

Let CCI Systems help you solve your biggest challenges.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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