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Did you know that over 80% of attacks are successful by focusing on people within your organization versus how big your firewall is? This is where businesses are exposed.

Our Red Team comes in and does a full assessment. It provides a road map of recommendation, and the Blue Team comes behind and executes the roadmap that aligns information security to your business. 

Our security offerings:

Incident Response:

Identify, minimize and contain attacks to mitigate impacts; identify the root cause to reduce future risk.

Information Risk Security Assessment:

Prioritize the most urgent, realistic, and expensive potential information security threats with CCI SYSTEMS SCORE.

Penetration Testing:

Want to work with the best? Our partners (Red Team) penetration testing team took top three, three years in a row at DEFCON!

Blue Team Experts:

Have you gotten a cybersecurity risk assessment done for your business? Many companies have but are often left feeling like they don’t have the resources, time, or skillsets necessary to address the issues called out in their assessment.

Virtual CISO:

Improve security posture while aligning to business goals with guidance from top-tier security analysts.

Vulnerability Assessment:

Scan technical environment, analyze results and make recommendations so clients can start building an effective vulnerability management program.

Red + Blue Team.

Products & Services:

Red Team: Independent group that tests an organization’s security posture to see how it will fare against real-time attacks. This team reviews the people, processes, and technology from the attacker’s perspective to expose risks, vulnerabilities, and critical flaws.

Blue Team: Responsible for IT Operations. Even the best Blue Team can’t test their security.

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