SD-WAN Service Features + Descriptions.

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Service Features Descriptions

Assessment Planning:

Review business and technical requirements and high-level plan activities required to accomplish the migration assessment. Includes preliminary network architecture review and solution deployment design.

Solution Instrumentation

Install and configure associated CCI Systems solutions to meet assessment requirements. Perform instrumentation review if solutions are pre-deployed.

Data Collection

Implement device list management and perform configuration and SNMP metric collection for up to 10 branches. Implement grouping, link inference, and data management and storage needs.

Data Validation

Validate collected data for completeness versus audit plan. Generate models in NetAuditor and NetPlanner, where applicable, to validate data import and model completeness.

Network Inventory

Inventory detailing the following information: hardware (network devices, physical links, interfaces and ports, and end systems), protocols (routing protocols such as BGP, EIGRP, IGRP, IS-IS, OSPF, RIP, etc.), software (OS versions and OS types), and IP addressing (IPv4 address, public and private IPv4 IP address, prefixes).

Network Diagrams

Physical L3 and L2/L3 diagrams.

Network Best Practices and OS Compliance Audit

Configuration audit based on industry-standard, best-practices rules. Hardware and OS upgrade analysis is comprised of EoL/EoE reports and OS vulnerability analysis based on vendor security advisories maintained by CCI Systems.

Network Security Compliance and Availability Audit

Security compliance audit using industry-standard rules such as PCI and FISMA. An availability audit is defined as a device and link availability analysis.

Network Capacity Assessment

WAN link capacity report, including QoS-level capacity reporting, providing visibility to the application types that contribute to link utilization.

SD-WAN Deployment Scenario Assessment

Evaluation of different options for SD-WAN migration based on current deployment architecture.

Findings Report

A document including a collated list of findings from the various analysis engines.

Migration Recommendations

Recommendations for potential issue remediation and network improvements based on analysis and findings.

Migration Plan

A business impact analysis created by working with customer stakeholders to map findings and recommendations to business metrics.

Solution Architecture and Design

The practice of defining and describing an architecture of a system is defined in the context of a specific business domain solution. It may encompass the description of an entire system or only its sub-arts.

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