Cisco cnBR.

Cloud Native Broadband Router.

Cloud Native Broadband Router.

If you are interested in new, virtualized CMTS solutions, CCI has you covered. Combining our extensive CMTS experience with complete IP and Data Center expertise to optimize any virtual solution, CCI can provide an offering for you. The Cisco cnBR is a revolutionary, utterly cloud-native solution for delivering unparalleled scalability, elasticity, and resilience.

The cnBR is built entirely from open, modular, standards-based software, including Kubernetes and Docker, for rapid and agile development and deployment. The platform can be deployed independent of hardware, allowing flexibility to be used on anything from bare metal to multi-cloud environments.

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Features and benefits



Cloud Native

Composable, elastic, and resilient network services that optimize resource utilization and increase service velocity from ideation to revenue-generating deployments.


Quickly develop, test, and deploy new services. Update features and functions without downtime. Autoprovision and scale services more efficiently. Highly resilient operation, thanks to small blast radius inherent in microservices.

Containerized Software Architecture

Each part is packaged in its own software container. Facilitating reproductability, composability, transparency, and resource isolation. Enables highly efficient resource utilization, with granular and elastic scaling as well as fast recovery after a failure, thanks to a lightweight microservices-based design.

Streaming Telemetry

Gain visibility into ass aspects of system operation, in a lightweight fashion that minimizes resource effects.

Full Lifecycle Management

Simplify all aspects of the CCAP lifestyle, from initial deployment to real time monitoring, software upgrades, feature updates, and more.

Single Pane of Glass

OperationsHub allows customers to manage multiple cnBR instances across multiple geographic deployments. Data Plane

High performance and flexibility for the network data plane using Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) servers. Software written with versatility to rapidly adopt hardware innovations as they become available.

API-Centric Design

Simplify operations and begin automating with direct programmatic access to CCAP services and functions using open interfaces and tools.

Kubernetes Container Orchestration

Open-source cluster and container management, orchestrating server hardware resources to be efficiently shared with other cloud-native applications, virtual network functions, and general-purpose web services.

Open Standards

Built with open-source software and tools for intergrating with all ecosystems. Using open standards for software development makes the Cloud Native Broadband Router adaptable for new technology and the evolving needs of the network.

CI/CD Software Updates And Upgrades

Enables software upgrades to be performed early and often in a seamless fashion without disrupting services. Continuously deploy new services and features early and often while minimizing risk with Canary depoyments.

Hardware Disaggregation

Compatible with bare metal and designed to be portable across multicloud environments.