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Cloud Native Broadband Router

Cisco cnBR.

If you are interested in new, virtualized CMTS solutions, CCI has you covered. Combining our extensive CMTS experience with complete IP and Data Center expertise to optimize any virtual solution, CCI can provide an offering for you. The Cisco cnBR is a revolutionary, utterly cloud-native solution for delivering unparalleled scalability, elasticity, and resilience.

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The cnBR is built entirely from open, modular, standards-based software, including Kubernetes and Docker, for rapid and agile development and deployment. The platform can be deployed independent of hardware, allowing flexibility to be used on anything from bare metal to multi-cloud environments.

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As A Cisco Gold Partner, We Have Access To The Newest Solutions On The Market And The Experience To Implement Them To Their Fullest Extent. For More Information About The Cisco cnBR (Cloud Native Broadband Router) click Get Started. We look forward to hearing from you.

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