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CCI Systems has been offering consultative design and deploying DOCSIS networks since before DOCSIS was a standard. We are here to help an operator with existing, transitional, or new DOCSIS deployments.

Our team works with industry-leading equipment manufacturers to lead the market in new technology research and deployment. CCI has built up vast design, deployment, and optimization experience of DOCSIS 3.1, Remote PHY technologies, and virtual CMTS architectures. It has been the first to deploy many of these technologies commercially in the world. CCI Systems’ builds complete multi-vendor solutions to your business needs, not just point products.

Advanced CMTS Technologies:

Remote PHY:

An excellent fusion technology of HFC and CMTS. Please find out how it can optimize your operations since CCI Systems has a vast amount of successful design and deployment experience.


Please find out how to use this incredible technology to optimize your network to provide more bandwidth to your customers in the same RF bandwidth.

Advanced CMTS Services:

Saturation Planning:

CCI Systems used decades of CMTS and HFC experience to develop a tool that allows you to see how much bandwidth your service groups will need in the future. It can even help you know what will happen if you change speed package offerings. Let us help you plan from both a technology and marketing side.

Install, Configure And Optimize:

You can lean on CCI Systems to look over your network and configurations and offer suggestions to optimize your current equipment and offerings' performance. By optimizing them to your specific network, we will show you how to get the most out of DOCSIS and its advanced technologies like DOCSIS 3.1 and Remote PHY.

CMTS Product Sets:

Traditional CMTS:

DOCSIS networks are now more than ever tightly joined to the HFC plant's architecture and the IP Core, CIN, and Data Center networks. By bringing together our decades of knowledge in HFC networks and IP Networking, we can help you find the best path forward. CCI can separate fact from fiction and recommend the right solution to meet your technical and financial needs.

Virtualized CMTS:

CCI Systems has access to revolutionary technologies that Cisco has been delivering to the market for multiple years. These technologies allow an operator to move away from the long-standing, traditional ways of DOCSIS. One of these technologies is the new Cloud Native Broadband Router (cnBR).

The cnBR is entirely built from open, modular, standards-based software, including Kubernetes and Docker, for rapid and agile development and deployment. The platform can be deployed independent of hardware, allowing flexibility to be used on anything from bare metal to multi-cloud environments.

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