Carrier Ethernet Backhaul.

Carrier Ethernet Backhaul.

Service providers use Metro Ethernet to provide Layer 2 Ethernet connections between customer sites in metro area networks. Driven by its relative simplicity, high bandwidth, and low-cost switches, Ethernet has become the transport technology of choice in metro area networks. However, Ethernet limitations become apparent in large MANs with thousands of access nodes.

Ethernet Virtual Private Networks (EVPN) is a next-generation technology created to address the limitations of legacy Ethernet Layer 2 VPN and address new requirements. EVPN can deliver a wide range of benefits, including greater network efficiency, reliability, scalability, mobility, and policy control, directly impacting service providers and enterprises’ bottom line. Backhaul to critical infrastructure often requires strict performance guarantees, adding to the complexity. The right technology solution depends on your topology and existing infrastructure. Let the Trusted Critical Infrastructure team at CCI Systems help you find the flexible architecture that enables EVPN and backhaul services on your network.

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