C-Band Transition.

Your roadmap to c-band transition success.

The FCC’s auction of C-Band spectrum is offering $14.7 billion to satellite operators in December. We can help you through every step of the journey:

  • Peak the azimuth, elevation, & polarity for each LNB for the desired satellite.
  • Peaking should be based on the signal strength and quality measurements.
  • Confirm the focal length of all the antennas.
  • Install new terrestrial filters.
  • Check all cable connections for tightness and examined them for corrosion (replace if needed).
  • Make waterproof connections at all LNBs.
  • Check to see if the antenna covers are absorbing water during heavy rainfall, causing signal fade.
  • Install remaining LNB hardware to ensure proper seals are made between the feed horns and the LNBs.
  • L-Band Optical Transport Solutions.
  • L-Band Splitting Solutions.
  • Video content acquisitions/processing solutions.


Ensure your network is funded appropriately and updates are made quickly as you take on the mandatory changes set forth by the FCC.

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