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What Is The Blue Team Approach?

Have you gotten a cybersecurity risk assessment done for your business? Many companies have but are often left feeling like they don’t have the resources, time, or skillsets necessary to address the issues called out in their assessment.

CCI Systems’ Blue Team Experts engage with top corporate leadership to operationalize the elimination of current cybersecurity risk and arms customers against future threats. We do this by breaking down barriers to cybersecurity talent, utilizing a platform-neutral approach, and working within the constraints of customer budgets. Our team of top IT security professionals focuses on risk elimination and cyber safety, not technology sales. We use a custom boutique approach specific to your business’s needs/wants and can adjust whenever needed. We offer full-stack vulnerability remediation services, 24/7 support escalation, dedicated Customer Success Representative, executive-level advisory services, and much more depending on your business’s needs!

Why Is It Important?

In the modern world, security threats are increasing, and most businesses do not have the right support team to help mitigate them. Cyber Security and privacy legislation are continuing to evolve, and companies must be compliant to compete. The responsibility weighs heavy to protect your employees, customers, partners, and market share.

How Are We Different?

Our team engages with IT staff to build a custom approach geared towards the business’s specific wants/needs. We look at security holistically and engage across a business’s entire infrastructure to eliminate risk and drive compliance. We are exclusively focused on security to eliminate risk, not increasing technical debt.

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