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CCI Systems NetDevOps Service.

CCI Systems understands that no single out-of-the box automation solution has the capability to address your business’ unique challenges and experiences.

That’s why CCI Systems in-house experts tackle the issues that are most important to our customers to deliver vendor agnostic, flexible solutions that:

  • Accelerate time to service.
  • Minimize human error.
  • Add network visibility and insights.
  • Automate router upgrades with pre/post validation.
  • Automate network wide changes safely and accurately.
  • Give back to your network engineers time that they can spend adding even more value to your business.


Learn more about how CCI Systems can
simplify your network operations through our Cisco Network Services Orchestrator Starter (NSO) Package! 

CCI Systems Automation Solutions

  • As-Built Walkout/Verification: Physical inventory of all OSP assets.
  • New-Build Walkout: Fielding of optimal run line and equipment placement based on pre-determined parameters.
  • Field Surveys: Cell backhaul, commercial, residential, forced relocation, MDU & SDU, etc.
  • Fiber Audits: Document all OSP and ISP fiber assets.
  • Pole Profiling/Pole Loading: Gathering of attachment heights and creation of pole permit package based on pole owner
  • Permitting: DOT, RR, PE stamps, ROW permitting, etc.
  • WIFI Access Point Placement Field Surveys
  • GPS Point Collection
  • Mapping and Permitting Submittal

CCI Systems, an employee owned, communications solution provider, was established in 1955 in Iron Mountain, Michigan.

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