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Information Security Risk Assessment.

Capacity Planning:

Determine where over-saturation on the network is occurring, why it is occurring, and what the recommended solution is based on the details we have gathered.

Risk Analysis:

Rank your networks issues to enable better business planning. CCI Systems examines your network, identifies problem areas, and ranks the issues.

Performing a Cybersecurity Vulnerability Assessment involves the following five steps:

1. Operator completes CVA Questionnaire and Device List.

2. CCI sets up an internal scanner within your network.

3. CCI sets up multiple auditing tools to monitor live traffic.

4. CCI analyzes the data collected.

5. CCI summarizes findings and develops time-based recommendations to remediate any issues in a Cybersecurity Action Plan Report.

Outside Plant (OSP) Assessment.

CCI Systems engineers work with you to select specific areas of your plant that will allow for a representative sampling of current performance and overall architecture. We then apply a CCI Systems crafted methodology of maintenance “checks” to the area to determine the overall health and state of the network.

From this assessment, CCI Systems is able to use our 60+ years of experience to advise on how to improve efficiency and performance of the network/plant, identify areas of cost reduction for yearly maintenance, describe/train on best practices, implement system readiness for future technologies and architectures.

CCI Systems engineers will calculate Outside Plant (OSP) percentage by using the following during your assessment:

  • Construction Practices
  • Overall Age of OSP
  • Plant Maintenance
  • Plant Alignment (Sweep & Balance)
  • Ingress
  • Leakage
  • Technician Knowledge Level

CCI Systems Assessments.

IP Network Assessment(s).

Gain a holistic scope of your network by examining:

  • Hardware and software upgrades.
  • Performance and network optimization.
  • Future technology planning.
  • Monitoring, provisioning and automation.

Audit of Network Assets:

CCI Systems documents the following infrastructure elements to provide accurate network records:

  • Core
  • Edge
  • Transport
  • Access Layer

DOCSIS 3.1 Assessment.

Our DOCSIS 3.1 Assessment is similar to our OSP Assessment with the difference being a specific focus on the future performance of DOCSIS 3.1 carriers and what level of maintenance will be needed for varying levels of performance.

Like the OSP Assessment, the DOCSIS 3.1 Assessment looks at representative “pockets” of your overall plant to give an idea of plant performance. The post-assessment presents a detailed accounting of the investment needed to bring the current network to the desired level of performance.

CMTS Saturation Assessment.

CCI Systems Engineers analyze current bandwidth needs so that operators can proactively determine services, equipment needs and budgets for up to 24 months from the time of the assessment. This assessment also gives customers visibility into the impact that speed package changes have on current and future bandwidth needs, thus allowing marketing and engineering to make informed decisions using common data points.

Headend (HE) Assessment.

This assessment will provide an evaluation of your current headend/hub site facilities to better understand and determine places of deficiency, opportunities for increased efficiency or finding areas of risk within the headend that may be impacting performance.

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