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We believe in full transparency throughout the entire process of whatever project we work with you on. Below is a step-by-step process of how we approach every engagement to ensure that your needs are met to the fullest extent possible. Have a question? We’d love to help out! Ask away at the button below!

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The Process

We use the process below as the roadmap to success for every operator we work with.

No matter the size of the project, your needs deserve to be served at the highest level. The tried and true process of “Assess, Design, Execute, and Optimize” has allowed us to walk beside operators of all kinds as they begin to realize the network success they have always coveted. No need is too small and no challenge is too complex for this framework as we can apply it “À la carte” or as a holistic process.

Let's Begin

Step 1: Assess

The first step of any interaction is gaining a deep understanding of the problem you’re facing, the possible solutions available, and how each of them would be applied to your current network. Our full suite of network assessments provides you with the tools to complete the “assess” phase seamlessly.


Step 2: Design

During the design phase you have access to our expansive team of experts that will help you design your network solution to fit your needs now and into the future. Considerations given to network stability, resiliency, redundancy, and dependability are the hallmarks of this phase.


Step 3: Execute

During the third step, “rubber hits the road”. Your assessments have determined exactly where your network needs assistance, you’ve worked collaboratively with our team to design a solution that fits your needs, and now you’re ready to implement that solution in the field. Whether we just fulfill your order, build the solution for you, or leverage an outside firm to accomplish the installation, you will be in good hands as you turn your network aspirations into network realities.


Step 4: Optimize

“Setting and forgetting” a network solution is never a good strategy, as networks are dynamic and constantly changing. Because of this, we have implemented the “optimize” phase into our process. Optimization is all about making sure that your network serves your customers at the highest level both now and into the future. Discussions around contact center strategy, NOC monitoring, automation, and future planning happen in this phase. 


Frequently Asked Questions

You are likely not the only one with your question. Here are the questions we hear most frequently from those going through the solution process.

What if I have a simple request and don’t feel I need to go through the entire process?

How many assessments are typically completed before moving to phase two?

How much influence do I have over the design phase? Can I choose vendors I’d like to work with and more?

How many points of contact (POC) will I have during this engagement?

Not Sure What is Right For You?

If you still aren’t sure exactly what would be best for you and your network that’s okay, you aren’t alone. To help you discover what might be the best first-step, we’ve developed a tool to help guide you towards a recommended solution. Click the button below to get started and receive a recommended solution in under 5 minutes!

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