Field & Design Services.

Decades of Expertise.

Enhance network performance and increase profitability with complete solutions from CCI Systems. Our engineers use leading technologies and best practices to enhance your system’s capacity and add features that give you a competitive edge.

No matter the project’s size, CCI Systems has the quickest response times from customer request to activation.

Mapping & Permitting Services:

  • As-Built Walkout/Verification: Physical inventory of all OSP assets.
  • New-Build Walkout: Fielding of optimal run line and equipment placement based on pre-determined parameters.
  • Field Surveys: Cell backhaul, commercial, residential, forced relocation, MDU & SDU, etc.
  • Fiber Audits: Document all OSP and ISP fiber assets.
  • Pole Profiling/Pole Loading: Gathering of attachment heights and creation of pole permit package based on pole owner
  • Permitting: DOT, RR, PE stamps, ROW permitting, etc.
  • WIFI Access Point Placement Field Surveys
  • GPS Point Collection
  • Mapping and Permitting Submittal

Mapping & Permitting.

CCI Systems field staff implements the latest technology to optimize field efficiency and accuracy. Complete all your future projects on time and budget with the following services:

Drafting & Design Services:

  • RF and fiber network design
  • Fiber-to-the-home (FTTX)
  • Fiber design for cell tower backhaul
  • Radiofrequency over glass (RFoG)
  • Bandwidth enhancements
  • Plant extensions and map updates
  • Custom GIS solutions
  • Desktop Surveys
  • BAU Coax and Fiber Extensions
  • Architecture Feasibility Studies

Drafting & Design.

Create and maintain complete and accurate system documentation with CCI Systems design and mapping services. GIS mapping and documentation delivers versatile interactive data for advanced RF troubleshooting, improved mean time to repair, greater customer satisfaction, and increased profits.

Our Software Proficiencies:

  • AutoCAD
  • SpatialNET
  • Microstation
  • Bentley Comms
  • Lode Data (design)
  • FIM
  • Mapcom – M4
  • O’calc Pro/SPIDA’calc
  • ESRI – ARCFM, ARCGIS, etc.

Software Proficiencies.

CCI System’s field and design services team are proficient in the best and most popular software available. Call on us for whatever you need, from small system upgrades to cascade reduction to FTTX, PON, and RFoG. You benefit from our industry knowledge and expertise in software such as Lode Data, Bentley Comms (Focus), SpatialNET, and Mapcom.

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