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Success Stories | Support Services | Network Monitoring | NOC

By: Joe Geroux
April 30th, 2021

Giving up network monitoring and triage support over an infrastructure built from scratch can be a tough fact to reckon with. An infinite number of variables surround the very thought of outsourcing network monitoring, even when it is the key to unlocking further development of the addressable market. 

Success Stories | Support Services

By: Kyle Barglind
December 11th, 2020

In February of 2020, a wireless internet service provider (WISP) had grown to the point where they were receiving around a hundred calls outside of their normal business hours. It was becoming impossible to continue providing 24x7 support while working the standard nine-to-five shift, especially with a plan in place to continue accelerated growth. Before long, it became clear their current setup was unsustainable. Rather than attempting to find an economical way to internally staff those off-hours and weekends, this WISP considered their customers’ experience and looked at outsourced call centers to handle their off-hour support.

Success Stories | Support Services

By: Joe Geroux
October 23rd, 2020

During the fall of 2019, CCI Support Services played an integral role resolving a security breach of a major cable operator within North America. It was determined the unfortunate breach impacted 50,000 MikroTik devices across the U.S. Each of these devices would need to be resecured with new firmware and loaded remotely. The breach was observed 10 days prior to Labor Day in which 1500 apartment communities would be without cable or internet over the extended holiday weekend.