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Clearing the Path to Network Automation

August 5th, 2020 | 3 min. read

Clearing the Path to Network Automation

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Flat revenue, tightening budgets and increasing traffic are rapidly driving the need for network automation. While tier one service providers have largely begun the journey of network automation, the initial investment and programming expertise required has been a barrier for rural and mid-sized operators.

Empowering Business through Operational Efficiency

Network engineers who are tasked with network upgrades, changes, and service provisioning are carrying the weight of making sure that their networks are maintained for new and existing services while reducing downtime. Performing these actions requires time, a great understanding of the network, and keen attention to detail. These are the operations superheroes. But they can scale only so far and still maintain the desired level of efficiency.

What if the barrier to starting the automation journey could be removed? How much further can network engineers improve operational efficiencies when they can automatically provision new devices and rapidly turn-up new services? Imagine that a new network device can be added to the network in minutes rather than hours and that services are delivered up to 80% faster. Not only is time saved, but risk due to human error is eliminated so that network health is maintained, and customer satisfaction is not negatively impacted. The network engineer can now focus on adding value to operations in other areas instead of playing catch-up or simply maintaining.

Improved Business Outcomes with Network Automation

Cisco NSO and ASG Network Automation Research 2020

The application of automation through Cisco Network Services Orchestrator (NSO) is the answer to scaling efficiency in network operations. NSO extends end-to-end provisioning to eliminate the complexity that is inherent in multivendor networks. Time and resources saved in automating L2/L3 provisioning, new device configuration, and device configuration updates will empower engineering staff to make even greater contributions to the business.

Enabling the Automation Journey with the Cisco NSO Starter Bundle

The NSO solution was previously accessible primarily to Tier 1 service providers. CCI recognized this and worked with customers to understand their specific needs and challenges. This led to a collaboration with Cisco to develop the NSO Starter Bundle which includes:

  • Installation and configuration included with software sale
  • Start-to-finish expert NSO developer engagement
  • Expert resources for future enhancements and integrations for a phased automation journey
  • Significantly reduced time to realizing the value of Cisco NSO
  • A true trusted advisor to work with throughout the journey
  • Enable common use cases such as automating L2VPN and L3VPN provisioning

“With CCI’s expertise in the rural to mid-size market, and the power of NSO, together we’re empowering service providers with the agility to realize operational excellence through cost-effective automation and orchestration,” said Omar Sultan, Leader, Product Management for Network Automation, Mass-Scale Infrastructure Group, Cisco Systems.

Cisco NSO is a Bridge

Cisco NSO Network Bridge

One of just a few partners in North America, CCI Systems is offering the NSO Starter Bundle with massive discounts. Minimizing the initial cost barrier and enabling a phased, expert-guided approach is what CCI customers need, and that’s what CCI is ready to provide.

Begin the journey to automation today by contacting a CCI expert!

Confused on the why and how of network automation? Learn how to start accelerating the adoption of network automation within your company to fuel grow, accuracy, and efficiency.



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