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Stu Lahti

Stu is the Vice President of Technical Field Services. For three decades Stu has been collaborating with customers to create solutions that help address needs for multifunctional broadband networks, including the development of design architectures and creation CAPEX budgets. He brings over 35 years of deep industry knowledge to all facets of CCI and its solutions.


By: Stu Lahti
February 22nd, 2022

Building a network always comes down to a single factor: ROI. Service providers and operators who are building a new network will be seeking the best rate. By receiving a good rate, they heighten their return on investment. There’s a difference between building or enhancing a network to deliver what the service provider wants now versus building a scalable network with long-term motivations. A new network should not need upgrades two years later, where a provider forks over more money and adds on to their initial investment.