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Jacob Shields

Jake Shields is the Director of Customer Experience & Technology at Guide Star. Recognized as a Top 25 Customer Experience Thought Leader by ICMI, Jake is recognized for implementing productivity initiatives and processes that lead to the achievement of productivity targets and increased retention. Jake is passionate about leading a company in customer service and experience development efforts that deliver company growth across all aspects of the business.

Contact Center | Support Services | Customer Experience

By: Jacob Shields
September 7th, 2021

Call volume has skyrocketed. Customer experience is plummeting. Technicians solving problems in the field are doing their best to manage the phone lines (which isn’t panning out). After the incident played out and after a sharp jab to the bottom line, your company decided to outsource call support with a contact center. Through casual research, you find every contact center (or call center for that matter) is comprised of agents. Each agent carries a degree(s) of expertise to enhance the call support team. Each agent also serves as a dedicated or shared agent.