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Chris Wacker

Chris Wacker, Central Region Account Manager for CCI Systems, has more than 20 years of telecom engineering experience with a primary focus on helping emerging and rural service providers. He is the founder of ESPi USA Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) Company.

Broadband | Staff Assist

By: Chris Wacker
June 17th, 2021

How thin can your engineers be spread before all the projects you have going with your expanding network prove to just be too much? How long will it be before inevitable burnout claims another one of your most valuable team members? What are your options if your lead engineer puts in their two-week’s notice to pursue a different opportunity or is ready to retire? All these questions are being asked more and more frequently by operators as their networks grow but the size of their teams remain the same. The expertise they need from an engineering perspective either isn’t easily accessible (a common problem with rural operators) or is too expensive and too time consuming (from a training perspective) to justify hiring.